KSV Birthday celebrations

At Kanavu Startup Village, we’ve turned birthdays into a daily extravaganza! It’s a party you can count on because, well, we celebrate almost every day. Here’s the deal: everyone chips in some money for the birthday person. And what’s a birthday without a cake, right? So, we make sure there’s a delicious cake in the mix! And sometimes some snacks too!
But here’s where it gets green and memorable. In addition to the cake, we gift a plant of any kind! Yes, you heard that right, a plant!  It’s our way of saying, “Here’s something that’ll keep growing, just like your awesomeness!” And here’s the fun part: celebrating birthdays means a little break from our busy routines. We come together, have a blast, enjoy the cake, and make lasting memories.
It’s not just about the cake and the plant; it’s about getting closer as a family. Birthdays are always special, and celebrating them daily makes us a tight-knit, fun-loving, and supportive family. So, whether it’s your birthday or not, at KSV, every day is a reason to celebrate life and our fantastic community!

Ms. Rithika S, App developer – Featherfly

Birthday Girls cutting cake

Mrs. Nathiya G, Web developer – Koovi digital

The office colleagues wishing on the occasion.

Ms. Rithanya T, App developer – Goodhearts.org

Ms.Rithika being presented with sapling

Mr. Prethivi, Web developer

Mrs. Geetha, Web developer – Brainbox International

Mr. Kartheesh, Ambition consultancy services, New jersey.

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