Leo Thalapathy Special

The team at KSV office had an unforgettable weekend getaway on Saturday, October 28th when they attended the Leo movie outing. This thoughtful and well-organized event included transportation to and from the Anoor Dolby Atmos theatre and the provision of snacks, ensuring a wholesome and enjoyable experience. The manager, Mr. Yuvaraj, meticulously planned and sent prior messages the day before, detailing the plans. The movie day was filled with whistles, laughter, cheers, and shared snacks as everyone enjoyed the film. Some colleagues brought their children, adding to the warmth and joy of the outing. Founder and CEO Karthi Sir and his family joined the team, making it even more special. The outing was a perfect blend of entertainment and team bonding. The day ended with a group photo to capture the shared memories, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating more such outings in the future.

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