Kumar Rajappan, Director – Learning and Development

May 17, 2022

Kumar Rajappan, Director – Learning and Development

Kumar is the Director of the Learning and Development team at The Kanavu School of English. He has around 19 years of experience in the industry. He began his career as an “Insurance Advisor” with AMP Sanmar Life Insurance Company, which Reliance Life Insurance Company acquired. After achieving success in life insurance marketing, he transitioned into international BPOs. He was formerly employed at Allsec Technologies in Chennai and Sutherland Global Services in Chennai. Then, he chose to focus his career on English instruction. In 2008, he reignited his enthusiasm for teaching English communication to others.

He worked in several prominent English language schools in Erode, including Milton English Academy, VETA, and Trace. He served as a “Soft skills trainer” and a “Verbal trainer” at two famous engineering institutions in Tamil Nādu, namely “Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem” and “Bannariamman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam.” He lectured and coached tens of thousands of students from varied backgrounds in English communication and other soft skills. Additionally, he has worked as a “Freelance Content Writer.” He has taught college and high school students on various soft skills and linguistic issues. He has been the ‘Overall Authority’ for developing and implementing English training programmes for students at numerous centres and institutions. He has instructed pupils in English communication, particularly in speaking techniques.

He develops creative teaching techniques, resources, and procedures to meet the demands of a diverse student population in a student-centred learning environment that promotes resourcefulness, critical thinking, tolerance, respect, and emotional stability. He can use a number of diagnostic tools to carefully evaluate progress toward curriculum goals and student performance objectives. He holds an in-depth and current knowledge in English Literary, Language Arts, and Composition for diverse sorts of students. The development of a literary club, student blog, and debate club resulted in an increase in positive participation in the learning community.

His areas of expertise include English grammar, spoken English, soft skills, placement training, verbal training, interview etiquette, HR interviews, group discussions, and resume construction, among others. He possesses superior speaking and writing abilities, as well as a solid command of the English language. He is very competent in using various resources and has a perfect understanding of all current aids as well as the capacity to successfully use them. He is adept in computer use and Internet navigation. 

He has a Master’s degree in Information Technology and is a BEC certified Trainer. Cambridge University, in England, provides the BEC certification. The Business English Certificates (BEC) are globally recognised certificates that demonstrate to employers your proficiency in business English. If someone is prepared for a career in business, BEC is a perfect English language test. 

Although Kumar holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology, his enthusiasm for the English language led him to become an English instructor. He is enthusiastic, passionate, persistent, devoted, and disciplined. Students and parents may rest assured that he is committed to equipping them with the skills they need to be successful and active members of a dynamic community since he makes himself accessible outside of the classroom and participates in pertinent professional development programmes.