Why every homemaker must learn English?

May 18, 2022

Why every homemaker must learn English?

Speaking English is a status symbol nowadays and it is becoming necessary at kitty parties and other social gatherings. And those who cannot speak the language feel ashamed and inferior. You are aware of the helplessness you feel if you don’t speak English socially—at parents-teachers meet, hospitals, malls or even outside ticket counters of movie theaters, and feel that there is an urgent need to learn English. Homemakers nowadays are using the time to elevate their self-esteem by improving their English speaking skills. You must learn for any of the following reasons.

Conversation with your Kids

Women feel helpless and under confident  when you cannot converse in English with your kids or kid’s friends. Many are already getting playfully ridiculed by your children as you mispronounce words and make grammatical mistakes while speaking the language.

To help kids with their homework

The women feel that if they will learn the language they can become the English teacher of the house and help their children’s education.

Kitty Parties

The reason why women want to learn English is that they feel out of place among the young group of women in the kitty parties who talk in English all the time. They hesitate to initiate a conversation with the other women.

To Develop your Personality

There is a great need for Indian housewives to learn English which will enable them to develop their personality. Housewives believe that learning English will provide them with ample opportunity to help them acquire the confidence.

You can read labels while shopping

Most homemakers go to supermarkets to buy groceries and other daily stuffs. Wouldn’t it be good if you could read the label and learn about its content before actually paying the price? You can make wiser choices while buying stuff and improve the health of your family. 

You can attend parent-teacher meeting

Do you always rely on your husband to attend parent-teacher meeting in your ward’s school? Is your husband always complaining on how it is difficult to fit in the meeting, usually scheduled during the afternoon hours? Why not improve your English speaking and go ahead with this responsibility. Your kids will feel proud of you and you would get a chance to meet other mothers and learn many new things.

You can start your online business

Do you have any special talent? Can you knit or paint or cook innovative stuff? Why not make instructional videos and start your own YouTube channel. You can be an entrepreneur, if you can speak the language of business.

Social Gatherings

If you don’t speak English in a social gathering, many think you have a low IQ and you are uneducated. Learning English can raise up your standards of living in the society and also knowing to speak English gives respect  in the society.