English and Opportunities

Jan 25, 2023

English and Opportunities

Author : V. Mohankumar

Designation : English Trainer

Institution : The Kanavu School of English, Sivagiri

Date : 19.01.2023

The power of English:

English is the most commonly spoken language worldwide and has evolved into a standard business language. In today’s society, talking alone is not only sufficient, but also you need to speak effectively and share your ideas correctly. Language has a significant impact on that. English is the only language that can be used for domestic and international commercial communication.

English has distinguished itself as the only language of global communication as the world continues to grow daily due to the internet and technology.  Communicating with individuals from all over the world and finding more work chances are made possible by speaking English.

There are a variety of benefits to learning English. One of the facts is that it introduces you to a completely different population of people to converse with. You are driven to look at things differently and learn more about another culture, making you a better audience.

Most Widely Spoken Language in the World: 

      Approximately 375 million people speak English as a first language, and 750 million people speak English as a second language. At least 70 nations have official or special status for English. One in five people in the world can speak or understand English.

      In terms of sheer numbers of speakers, English is the fourth most widely spoken native language on earth and is typically used official language. It serves as the primary language in international relations. Even in countries where it is not predominantly spoken, English is recognized as an official language. It shows that English is the most commonly spoken language all over the world.

       To communicate and engage with tourists and immigrants, most tourism authorities and other public officials in many nations use English as the language of communication. We must acknowledge that English is the world’s dominant language and the most commonly spoken language.

To Get a Better Job:

English mastery is one of the most in-demand skills among employers at all employment levels. English is a prerequisite in almost all jobs as businesses become more global. No matter where they are headquartered, some companies now conduct all of their business communication in English. Learning English is the best option if you seek the highest-paying jobs.

           You need English fluency even if you are a manager, salesperson, junior-level employee, or anything else. You’ll need to speak to consumers effectively if you work in sales. If you’re a manager, you’ll need to use English as effectively as possible. If you cannot speak English well, networking can be challenging.

If you speak English well, you may express yourself well in English at work and develop confidence. Besides being the most commonly spoken language, English provides additional benefits and opportunities to increase your employment prospects. Research indicates that more companies are hiring people with excellent English communication skills. A person fluent in English is considered a valuable asset to the company and guaranteed career advancement.

For Higher Studies:

English is often used as the language of instruction in most universities and colleges in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore, which are the top destinations for international students. English is the language of instruction in every aspect of the best business schools, medical facilities and institutions of higher learning, both domestically and abroad. Most peer-reviewed publications and technical periodicals that honour scientists, engineers, technologists, and technocrats on a global scale are published in English.

A student visa is needed if you wish to live or work in an English-speaking area. First, you want to enrol in a few classes at overseas universities. They will see you if you are doing well, and if you pass the English test, it is easy for you to get a visa and scholarship for studying abroad. Aside from being the most commonly spoken language, English is compulsory for higher education at some colleges worldwide.

To Travel worldwide:

The second most widely used language worldwide is English. This implies that mastering English makes travelling anyplace much simpler. Flight announcements, train schedules, emergency information, and road signs are available in English, especially in nations with different languages. Additionally, you are almost sure to encounter someone who speaks some English even if you cannot find other tourists or locals who speak your mother tongue.

Language of the media:

The majority of online content is written in English. English is a commonly used Language on World Wide Web. English is used on most modern freeware, shareware, peer-to-peer, social media networks and websites. Electronic devices, entertainment devices, software manuals, hardware installation instructions, and product fact sheets are typically in English before being made available in other languages.

Most global news sources, including TV, newspapers, magazines and radio, are in English. Some of your favourite movies, TV series and songs in other languages are available in English so you can understand them well. If you go to an international film festival, you will see that all of the films are in English or include English subtitles.

English is the most commonly spoken language, and it impacts every industry. English has emerged as the universal language for communication in all spheres, including politics, business, finance, education, popular culture, and international relations. Without a doubt, English significantly impacts society in all spheres that individuals can’t ignore it.