Welcome to Kanavu.org, a visionary organization founded by dynamic leaders Karthi Easwaramoorthy and Chitrabanu Duraisamy. Our journey is a marked by steadfast commitment, where aspirations are not just envisioned but brought to life through our six interconnected sub-organizations each with a unique mission and focus. Kanavu Startup Village (KSV) IT park serves as a hub for entrepreneurship, bridging the rural tech gap and offering engineers in rural areas with invaluable opportunities. Digital Village pioneers the digital revolution, equipping entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technologies and strategies. The Kanavu Cross Country Run transcends mere marathons, championing wellness, unity, and advocacy for social causes. Kanavu School of English breaks down linguistic barriers, empowering rural communities with confidence and proficiency in English. Kanavu Help serves as a beacon of compassion, connecting donors with beneficiaries across spheres like education, healthcare, and social welfare. Alongside, IndiaTEAM exemplifies our commitment to philanthropy by providing underprivileged schools with essential infrastructure and contributing to environmental sustainability through tree planting initiatives. Together, we harness the strength of collective action to mould a brighter future and empower individuals to pursue their aspirations. Come, join us on this journey where every action leaves a lasting impact.