Karthi Easwaramoorthy, the founder and CEO of, has carved a remarkable entrepreneurial path. His journey includes significant milestones as the Co-Founder and CEO of, an online bus ticketing E-Commerce Company that raised an impressive $ 5 millions in investments, propelling its turnover to surpass 120 Crore rupees. Committed to social impact, he established, comprising five interconnected organisations: Digital Village, Kanavu Startup Village, Kanavu School of English, Kanavu Cross Country Run, and Kanavu Help, collectively addressing diverse needs in rural communities. At the heart of his vision is the dedication to empowering rural communities through initiatives like Kanavu Startup Village, providing engineers in rural areas with invaluable opportunities and contributing to bridging the rural-urban divide. The Kanavu School of English stands as a beacon of linguistic empowerment, breaking down language barriers and aligning with the broader vision of connecting rural areas with the global landscape. His commitment to growth with zero marketing budget for the Digital Village initiative underscores his innovative approach, relying on inbound marketing strategies driven by both natural and artificial intelligence. His expertise in digital marketing technologies and emphasis on “Natural Intelligence” lay the foundation for making lives easier through innovative, cost-effective solutions, showcasing a complete and impactful approach to community development.