Who We Are?

Our Mission

At Kanavu.org, dynamic and innovative leadership by its founders and CEOs, KarthiEaswaramoorthy and Chitrabanu Duraisamy, is to realize their aspirations and turn their dreams into reality. It has given rise to a multi-faceted organization. Within this organizational framework, five distinct but interconnected sub-organizations have emerged, each with a unique mission and focus. They include Digital Village, Kanavu Startup Village, Kanavu School of English, Kanavu Cross Country Run, and Kanavu Help. Of paramount importance was the emphasis on Kanavu Startup Village, a tech startup dedicated to providing engineers in rural areas with valuable opportunities. The vision extended to other initiatives, including Kanavu School of English, aimed at enhancing English proficiency in rural communities, Kanavu Cross Country Run, a marathon centred around the empowering theme of running towards one’s dreams, and Kanavu Help a compassionate organization dedicated to assisting individuals experiencing economic challenges by providing essential services in healthcare and education.