Internship batch from Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai completing their course on December 2023

In a bittersweet moment, our three talented interns – Sarvika, Sasi, and Lithu Varshini, said their goodbyes after 2 fantastic weeks of their internships at KSV! 

They expressed their gratefulness, with a special shoutout to CEO Karthi sir for giving them the wings to fly to get hands on experience in Flutter and PHP, highlighting the unique learning environment at KSV. Then Karthi sir grabbed the stage for a moment, applauding their brilliance and wishing them success in their future adventures. 

As they bid adieu, the farewell bash was nothing short of epic. Cake cutting sweetness, snacks galore with puffs and ice cream, talk about leaving on a high note! 

Sarvika, Sasi, and Lithu Varshini shared insights into the positive impact their brief time here had on their professional growth, leaving a lasting impression on everyone at KSV.

Mr.Karthi addressing the students on their internship conclusion

Interns sharing their experience

Whole KSV celebrating with a snacks

Group photo with their colleagues.

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